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Quality Testing

At Fastmet Trading we provide only the finest quality non-ferrous metals to our clients. We pride ourselves on our extensive quality control procedures to ensure that both the purity and the condition of the metals is of a high standard.

Our quality testing procedure is implemented when sourcing non-ferrous materials to ensure that any metals that we purchase on behalf of our clients is of a premium quality.

All of our metals undergo a stringent quality inspection.

Our Reputation Matters

Fastmet Trading have built a reputation based on material quality and our high level of customer service which all of our clients now associate.

It is our reputation combined with our industry and transport connections that allow us to grow year after year, fastly becoming one of the UK’s leading suppliers and exporters of quality non-ferrous metals.

If you would like to know more about our quality testing procedure or if you are interested in our services please get in touch. Click here to contact us.